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President Biden scheduled to announce new steps on controlling gun violence

On Monday, President Joe Biden is scheduled to introduce new policy measures on firearms. Biden’s announcement comes amid growing concern about gun violence and untraceable “ghost guns” that can be 3D printed at home. As part of Monday’s policy rollout, Biden is expected to name a new replacement nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

In September, the White House withdrew its last nominee, 25-year ATF veteran David Chipman, following unanimous opposition from Republicans who say the want to protect the right to bear arms. Gun violence advocates have been furious at the Biden administration for failing to lobby hard enough, in their view, for Chipman, and for waiting so long to announce a replacement.

Biden is also expected to announce fresh steps to make it harder for people to build and acquire so-called ghost guns, as many big cities have reported recovering increasing numbers of the weapons. These weapons lack serial numbers, which would enable law enforcement to track them and enforce background checks. And they are essentially available in plastic, which can bypass metal detectors.

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