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96.9 KQBZ The Breeze On-Air Schedule


Bob James mornings from 6a-10a! I’ve been involved in the Brownwood radio community since 1996! Brownwood truly is home for me and my wife Connie. We have 6 sons, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 grand and great grand children. It’s a fluid number that seems to change regularly. I started my radio career on a college radio station in Abilene, TX in the fall of 1979. I’m a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, think Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T, and love catching… it’s that part of fishing when the fish are biting. I’m terrible at the “fishing” aspect. I am not naturally a morning person. That sunny disposition comes with great doses of strong coffee!!

Andrea Jaxson

10a-2p I’m Andrea Jaxson and when I’m not on the radio, there is a good chance
you will find me making plans to travel to a new, fun and exciting city or country. My
husband Mike, A.K.A “Marvelous Mike”, is completely supportive of my need to
capture the perfect “shot” while I roam the streets looking for unique architecture and
landscape. We share a love for music, art and travel which makes for a fun life
together! I absolutely love sharing time with my nieces and nephews and as soon as
football season rolls around, it’s all about food, family and dark chocolate!


2p-7p Karl Southcott here! I’m a giant movie fan, and love everything from the
classic films to all the new exciting flicks. I enjoy the outdoors too, and am crazy
about being around the water. I love swimming, kayaking, surfing and diving. I’ve
always figured that I’m at least part fish. I also like to hang with my family. My two
small boys keep me very busy! Musically, I’m crazy about everything from Sinatra
to Bruno Mars. Sharing this music on the radio is such a kick! .

Chris & Liz

5a-6a Hi, I’m Liz Bell, a single mom to 2 gorgeous girls! I love throwing theme
parties, read that as ‘Pinterest addict.’ I believe there is no better feeling than a sloppy
ponytail and yoga pants.

*** Chris Tyler here! I also have two kids, plus an awesome wife! I run
marathons, but in real life I love to spend time at our neighborhood pool. And I’m a
huge sports fan.


7p-11a My name is Jay, and I’m so excited to get to hang out with you
every weeknight! I love reality TV and tweet way too much, ohh yeah, I
sometimes buy stuff I shouldn’t buy off TV (I have way too many “as seen on
TV” appliances in the kitchen!) I tell people I’m a foodie but, I’m really just a
picky eater. Ohh yeah, I’m terrified of squirrels and ceiling fans. Feel free to
connect with me on social media anytime and say hi! @JayMichaels

John Laurenti

12a-5a Hi, I’m John Laurenti! Thanks for taking a little bit of your time to find
out about me. I’ve been fortunate to have been doing this radio thing for a while
and it’s the best job I’ve ever had! Every day is different and fun! Plus, I get to
play music for you. In my spare time I try to go to as many concerts as I can,
2,500 and counting, playing golf (badly), and I’ve done a little bit of acting as
well. I’ll see you on the radio!