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96.9 KQBZ, The Breeze and Wendlee Broadcasting bring you our first ever Secret Sound contest!

We invited you to listen weekday mornings from 6 to 10. We played our Secret Sound and you had opportunity to call in and identify our Secret Sound! All incorrect guesses were posted weekly to our website.

Douglas Carter of Brownwood WON $800!!!

Be sure to check out our contest rules available here.

Clue #2 – Duck LIPS

Clue #8 – The cover of Wild Cherrie’s 1976 album Wild Cherry LIPS

Clue #6 – Polished to a high GLOSS

Clue #9 – WKRP in Cincinnati’s world famous frozen turkey DROP

Clue #7 – Marble, laminate, quartz COUNTER (TOP)

Clue #1 – Dinner ROLL

Clue #11 – Not on but OFF

Clue #3 – Summer FALL

Clue #4 – Free FALLING

Clue #10 – Thesurface of a structure on which one travels FLOOR


Clue #5 – The answer has 16 words







Breeze listener guesses:

Artillery shell – anonymous

Golf ball rolling off the top of a table – Reagan

Waterfall – Bill

Opening a door – Elsa

Pinball machine release – Jennifer

Pinball machine – Jeremy

I can feel it coming on the air tonight – Bill

Pool Table – Myrna

Pool table – Bill

Cue ball knocking eight ball into the corner pocket – Mandy

Balls returning on a skee ball game – John

Pecan rolling off tin roof – Vicky

Roulette Wheel – Beau

Ice falling from an ice maker – Dawn

Dinner bell – Beau

Marble in a roulette wheel – Dillon

A marble – Charlie

Egg rolling across a table – Charlie

Chopping up vegetables – Keith

Salt or pepper shaker rolling on a table – Dillon

Cue ball falling in the hole and running back down to it’s hole in a pool table – Robert

Screw type vending machine dispensing a bag of chips – Pat

Watermelon seeds – Anonymous

Pool table – Anonymous

A lottery ball dropping down – Charlie

Pool table where you’re breaking the balls – Becky

Bingo ball that comes down out of the slot – Karen

Springy door stop – Angie & Paul

Rolling dice – Anonymous

Wire door stop behind the door – Lori

Old hinged door opening – Angie

Spinning top – anonymous


Record playing playing a record